Conservas Pinhais Factory Tour

Conservas Pinhais Factory Tour


More than 100 years of history and tradition

We feel Conservas Pinhais as a family.  However, there’s one element missing: you. We believe that tradition is more valuable when it is shared and we want to share with you our artisanal process and our special care when it comes to the preparation of our preserves. 

Unique flavors do not exist by chance. To taste a Pinhais preserve awakens curiosity about how everything is made, until the moment the sardine arrives on your plate, with such a delicious and distinct flavor. It is the result of a careful manual process, one that contains centenary secrets that  now you can discover: Conservas Pinhais Factory Tour is ready to welcome you!


Come in, the door is open!

We improved the facilities, but the essence remains the same. Here you can smell the sea and feel that we are part of history.

For 90 minutes, immerse yourself in the history of Conservas Pinhais! Follow a centuries-old artisanal process that values ​​quality and tradition, from the selection of the freshest ingredients to the care in the wrapping of your preserves.

Discover each step of this unique process and feel the dedication and family ties  in the production of Pinhais and NURI products, which add flavor and authenticity to your dishes.

At Pinhais canning, everything is done by hand and with dedication. During our tour, you will meet people who have been part of this family for decades and who are truly passionate about what they do.

They know the art of preparing an artisanal sardine preserve by heart. Each recipe is the result of a legacy passed down from generation to generation, which you will be able to witness on this visit.


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