The New Nuri Collection

The New Nuri Collection


Our family has never belonged exclusively in our kitchen

We’ve known it for many years. Along with our collaborators and masters in the art of confection and preparation of our tins and recipes, there is a family on your side who accompanies us and believes that tradition is the best main course to serve at a table full of special guests.


The new NURI collection

NURI tins have been cherished over generations. And now, it makes perfect sense, after the 100th birthday, to launch a special selection of unique collector’s items that celebrate the tradition and timelessness of our iconic brand.


100 years of tradition

Each piece in this collection is meaningful and symbolic. It represents NURI’s years of history. All the elements were carefully selected to reflect the familiar and artisanal journey that we have been tracing since 1920. We believe, a hundred years later, that sometimes the most courageous innovation is to preserve the same production processes with which we opened doors in the very beginning. Because there’s no taste like tradition.


This NURI isn’t served at the table!

Since the principles and values with which we base our brand go beyond gastronomic expression, this collection isn’t exclusively served at the table. Now, it’s possible to share the love for NURI anywhere in the world, through the way that best matches your personality! Thank you for being part of this family.

You can access the complete collection here!