The launch of  ‘The Big NURI Sardine Cookbook’

The launch of ‘The Big NURI Sardine Cookbook’

A great catch, we can’t resist saying it! From the tin to the book, The Big NURI Sardine Cookbook, published by Brandstätter, is a very special journey: it is our debut publication, where we intend to celebrate one of the most emblematic flavors of our brand, the ingredient where our history began: the sardine.

All over the world, we have witnessed our sardines being part of so many tables and starring in happy meals. We know it's appreciated in all its simplicity, but over the years we've come to understand that the best of the sardine is yet to be discovered.

The Big NURI Sardine Cookbook challenges us to experience delicious new moments at the table with more than 50 recipes where the sardine is the main ingredient, but with no limits to versatility.


Sardines, our main ingredient

From tapas to salads, quiches, and even spicy pasta, we have a range of suggestions for sardine recipes made with NURI tins that excel in simplicity (for practical everyday meals) and sophistication (to impress on a special occasion).

Whether it's the decadent snack that is the fried NURI croquettes with mayonnaise, the fresh blood orange, fennel and sardine salad (delicious for summer days), the irresistible strained NURI fish soup with sauce rouille croutons and gruyère or the NURI burgers with sauce tartare (perfect for busy days and funny meals with the kids), we have a collection of flavors of the sea that proves that there is a delightful potential to be drawn (and savored) from the sardine.

All recipes were developed by professional chef Andres Stirn, who carefully preserved the essence and the unique features of the sardine while seasoning each dish with his own signature and some inspiration from world cuisine.

Chef Andres Stirn

Chef Andres Stirn. Photo by Melina Kutelas

Bold combinations and traditional flavors coexist harmoniously in this cookbook to make it a true experience from the moment you turn the pages (because “you eat with your eyes first”, right?), to the moment you simply can't resist repeating the meal.


Every dish has a story

For every occasion, there is a perfect recipe, and the side dish must be a story.

We believe that our process and our sardines are a heritage of living tradition, of artisanal processes honored for 100 years with people who are part of Pinhais family. And this story would only make sense to be told in detail through special dishes and memorable bites.

Every recipe is complemented with touching testimonials about the history of Conservas Pinhais and the faces and hands that have graced the centennial life of this brand, from generation to generation. The texts are the result of the author Anna Burghardt, who immersed herself with dedication in the house where NURI was born and masterfully portrayed our cultural and gastronomic .


What are you cooking today?

The moment of cooking at home is a very functional but also a personal moment. We are all experimental cooks - some more inspired than others - and we try to offer a bit of ourselves in the preparation of any dish. This was the feeling we shared in the launch and production of this sardine recipe cookbook: we left a bit of ourselves in these pages, measurements, and ingredients. Our product, our experience, some secrets, and many stories. We serve it with affection and a pinch of pride.


Discover The Big NURI Sardine Cookbook in our online store or in the Conservas Pinhais Factory Tour’s store. Enjoy your meal!