Christmas campaign roes sardines

ovas sardinha pinhais

80 Exclusive Sardine Roes - A once in a year opportunity!


This is our gift to you:  a once in a year opportunity to buy our special limited edition of NURI roe cans. Available in two recipes - olive oil and spicy olive oil - NURI roe is our best, the result of a selection of fresh ingredients and a careful artisanal process that has passed through our family for generations.

And just because it’s Christmas, until December 19th we’ll be offering free shipping on orders starting at 20€, use our code PINHAISGIFT.*


We wish you a Merry Christmas!


*purchase limited to one of each sort per customer



  1. Sardine ROES in Olive Oil: €39.90
  2. Spiced Sardine ROES in Olive Oil: €39.90


Free Shipping 2021


Until December 19th 2021, use our code PINHAISGIFT to enjoy free shipping on orders starting at 20€. Surprise your loved ones with the most unique flavor!